Swedish Massage


Swedish Massage is the most commonly offered and is the best known type of massage. If this is your first time at experiencing a massage, then Swedish Massage is the perfect place to start. During a Swedish Massage, the massage therapist use massage oils to facilitate a combination of various movements used to manipulate tissues for both local and overall effects and benefits. The movement range from firm gentle pressure to invigorating friction, depending on the desired effect.

Swedish Massage usually includes some deeper work on areas of specific muscle tension. If you want more intensive work, with firmer pressure, then the Deep Tissue Massage is highly recommended.

Benefits of Swedish Massage

  • Reduces anxiety, mental stress and promotes better sleep
  • Provides a relaxed state of mental alertness
  • Improves concentration
  • Stimulate blood circulation and assists the lymphatic system, improving the elimination of
    waste throughout the body
  • Relieves accumulated tension and restores flexibility to tight, sore muscles and improves
    muscle tone
  • Stimulates or calms nervous system depending on desired effect. It can be either relaxing
    and reassuring, providing comfort or refreshing and rejuvenating, boosting energy
  • Relieves cramps and muscle spasms and reduces pain and swellings by stimulation the
    release of endorphins (the body's natural painkiller) into the brain and nervous system
  • Stimulates immune system and strengthens resistance to disease
  • Improves skin tone by removing dead cells and improving circulation
  • Improve flow of nutrients to soft tissues and joints, regenerates tissue, including burns,
    wounds and wrinkles





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