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There is no substitute for the human touch

Massage is a great way to feel better, look better, treat people better and treat yourself better.
The comfort, warmth and reassurance of touch can improve the body's well being by stimulating its own natural healing abilities giving a sense of well being, restoring both the physical and psychological self.

In a neutral environment our bodies are well equipped to deal with short-term stress and the imbalances they create. Balance is restored to the systems of the body in a repeating cycle of physiological move and counter move. However, long-term stress inhibits the balancing process by denying the body the opportunity and interrupting the cycle. Chronic long-term stress, often self-imposed by modern work pressures, economic and social aspirations coupled with environmental stress of urban living.

Massage offers the ultimate solution to these damaging effects of accumulated stress and aid in harmonizing a troubled body and mind. Regular massage strengthens and tones the entire body system. It can stimulate or calm the nervous system, help to ease tension, stiffness and pain leaving you with an enhanced sense of well being.





Therapist: Kham Ip

Mobile: 07825 515509


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